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Thrilling Thursday

The artisitc gene runs heavily through all of my children. They can be found drawing any time of day and piles of paper and pencils are scattered throughout my house! When it comes time for a birthday party we head to the drawing board…not the local party store.

Bbash (800x640)
This year my youngest wanted a Skylander's party.
"Start drawing!" I said.
He drew, I scanned, printed, laminated and pulled out my Kreaxions Circle Cutter.

Bbbash (831x1000)
With a hole punch, a safety pin and a bit of ribbon we attached a Skylander badge to each paper bag filled with sugary goodness. When party time arrives each child will have a badge and the games will begin…just don't ask me to figure out what exactly they are playing!!!

Bash (700x699)
But why stop there? I printed out smaller sets of Skylander badges, dabbed hot glue on a bamboo skewer, and decorated plates of cupcakes. The Kreaxions Circle Cutter is definitely party ready!!!

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3 thoughts on “Thrilling Thursday

  1. GinniG

    Charity you’re so blessed to have children with so much artistic talent! Those things are so CUTE! Great use of the circle cutter!

  2. Joan

    What a cute idea and having him draw it was the best!

  3. Bev Code

    super cute cupcake accents

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