About Us

I got into stamping when I attended a Christmas Boutique and bought some stamps and became friends with the woman selling them. Later, when she started manufacturing her own line, I bought her inventory. This was the start of the Stamp Lady, Etc.. At that time, all of the stamps fit into my car. Now I have a van and a trailer to use when I do shows.

I love the travel and the people I meet at shows. It is very rewarding to start someone in stamping and have them come back the next year to tell you how wonderful it is. There were not very many places to buy stamps in the 1980s.

This was a great hobby and a release from the stress of work. I have seen many changes since I started selling stamps over 25 years ago—it is so hard to believe it has been that long! I am still as intrigued as I child when I find an unusual stamp.

My daughter Debbie was my helper at the shows. She still remembers the time I sold the stamp right out of her hand as she was about to use it! Now we have combined our talents and have started Just Imagine, which will have new products we think are unusual as well as useful along with our stamps.

Debbie and her husband Bill complete the team, helping with the Marketing creativity and the various levels of inspiration to support this endeavor. Together we hope to bring you a fun and simple shopping experience time after time!