Punch 903-

Star Template

Down On The Farm

I have no idea why … but there is something about an old pulp egg carton that harkens me back to my youth.  And when I found a place to purchase them the wheels of altering started turning.

After cutting out the barn and landscape pieces with a die cutting machine I decided I needed some sunshine.  What better way to make a sun than to use the Kreaxions punch #903 with the A insert and the star stencil … the perfect sun!  What a cute container to store those little farm animals in.



3 thoughts on “Down On The Farm

  1. GinniG

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! An egg carton!!! With a punched doily no less!!! Absolutely clever and fantastic!!!!

  2. Charity Hotrum

    LOVE this fun play carton!!!

  3. Bev Code

    adorable..great creative piece.. super cute

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