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Hello Everyone,

Karen here to show you how I used the best and fabulous Circle Cutter.  I wasn't sure of the size, but that did not matter, all I did was look at my picture and figure where I wanted the center to be and cut the circle.  I knew I wanted a bigger circle that was about 1/2"  to border the picture, and the Circle Cutter allows me to do this.  I don't need to have different size punches because I can make the circle to fit my needs.  I used to hate to do circles since I never had the right size punch and now I try to use circles as much as I can.

Here is my layout:  Proposal 002

This is what the circle cutter looks like:  Circle%20cutter1

and if you would like to get one of these, here is the link to Just Imagine Online Store

Have a great day,



4 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. Lisa Moen

    Love the twine around the circle! Beautiful page!

  2. Jackie Plank

    I love my circle cutter as well, never have to worry about having the right size punch anymore. 🙂

  3. Joan

    Wonderful page and the photo in the circle is perfect! The circle cutter is one of my fav tools 🙂

  4. Charity Hotrum

    what a beautiful moment

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