Circle Cutter-

Punch 903

It’s raining outside but I am dry

This is Colleeen with my first project. I used the circle cutter to cut my circle and then used the 903 punch to go around the the circle.  Then I folded the circle in half and then folded it in half the other way and just kept folding until I had 8 folds. I glued toothpicks in each of the folds and then put a bead on the end.  The center are 2 toothpicks glued together to make the handle longer.  When I make this again, I would use white florist tape to wrap the handle.  Also, at the very top of the handle I rolled a strip of paper around the top so that it didnt slide out.  The size for this is up to you, mine is a 1/4 wide.  Then I just added bows to finish it off.  You could use color toothpicks instead of the natural ones and have an entirely different look.  I love this circle cutter, it is just an awesome and easy tool to use. If you have never tried it I suggest  you give it a chance.


Closed umbrella


Opened umbrella


8 thoughts on “It’s raining outside but I am dry

  1. Charity Hotrum

    This parasol is genius!

  2. Jackie Plank

    Stunning idea, love it!

  3. Chris Pozzi

    this is so cute!!!!!!!!!! great idea!

  4. Bev Code

    wonderful idea.. thanks for sharing this cool unique idea.

  5. karen aka soccerboyzmom

    Great job Colleen. That would like nice on shower table.

  6. Joan

    Fabulous project!!

  7. GinniG

    Absolutely positively FANTASTIC! I LOVE it! Great use of the circle cutter!

  8. Joan

    What a stunning project!

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