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Drawing Rings with the Kreaxions Circle Cutter

Hello there!  Ginni here and today I’m going to show you how to use your Kreaxions Circle Cutter as a pencil tool rather than a cutting tool!  It’s going to be a bit of a long post, but I hope you won’t mind! 

I wanted to draw circles on a card which is quite easy by switching out the blade with the pencil insert.  Did you know your Kreaxions Circle Cutter has a secret compartment?!  It DOES!  On the back side of your Kreaxions Circle Cutter is a little storage compartment where you’ll find a couple of pencil inserts, a white plastic round circle and where you can store extra blades. 

Card Tutorial 5

Open the little white compartment and pull out the pencil attachment.  Then lift #4 tab down and remove the blade.  Replace the blade with the pencil insert and put the tab back up. 

Card Tutorial 6

Once you’ve inserted the pencil, you can use the circle cutter the exact same way as you normally would.  Following is a tutorial on how to make a card using the Kreaxions Circle Cutter to draw my circles.

Start by drawing a 4″ circle somewhere in the center.  

Card Tutorial 1

Next draw a 2 3/4 ” circle on the top left and bottom right corners.  Make sure you intersect with the large circle.

Card Tutorial 2

Finally draw a 1 1/2″ circle at top left and bottom right intersecting with the medium and large circles as well.

Card Tutorial 3

Now take a pen and go over the pencil lines.  I used 3 colors but you can make as few or as many circles as you want on your project.  Don’t worry about being straight now because unless you have a complete steady hand (which I do not) it’s not going to be a perfect circle.  On this project I used some Infinity felt tip pens.  But you could use any kind of pen, crayon, paint, whatever!  Use your imagination!

Card Tutorial 4

Next to give it some added dimension I dripped some Glimmer Mist by unscrewing top and tapping the sprayer with your finger.  This gives a lower level of spray.  Then I punched the crosses with Kreaxions Punch #612 and added them to the empty corners.  I outlined mine with a black Sharpie.  Then add your sentiment and you’re done!

Card Tutorial 7

I used circles for a sympathy card because the person had died suddenly.  For the inside sentiment I used a poem that’s quite religious so I won’t share.  Basically it talks about how circles aren’t broken and how life continues on through eternity.  So making good circles was important to me.  And having the Kreaxions Circle Cutter to guide my sometimes shaky hand was a great help. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial today!  I encourage you to get creative with your own Kreaxions Circle Cutter!  Happy Circle Drawing!!!

4 thoughts on “Drawing Rings with the Kreaxions Circle Cutter

  1. Colleen

    Great tutorial and such a great idea. Love your card Ginni.

  2. Ange

    Fun! Neat design.

  3. Charity hotrum

    Love this edgy design!

  4. Joan B.

    Wonderful idea!

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