Circle Cutter-

Punch 303


Welcome to day to Just Imagine Crafts.
I had a sweet photo and wanted it to be fun and colourful.
With that comes the huge big circle matted, a few more smaller circles
 and fun Kreaxions Punched # 303  border with no inserts.
Also the fall away piece is used in the upper right corner cluster.
Upclose above features the punched border… and below highlights the many circles.
Thanks for stopping by today.. hope to see you again soon.

5 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Lisa Moen

    Love the punched border, stamping and cute pic!

  2. GinniG

    OMG what an ADORABLE picture!!! Your page TOTALLY sets it off! The matted circle and punched border are PERFECT!!!

  3. Jasmine

    Adorable pic! Love the darker ring around the large circle – really makes everything POP! Beautiful work!

  4. jan tatomir

    What a wonderful layout- that border strip is amazing!

  5. Lisa

    Great layout, the colors really pop!

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