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Thrilling Thursday:Make a Wish

 Hi, it's Charity. I've got a sweet star card to show you today.
Although the stars took me a few tries to figure out, I've got the instructions down to three easy steps using Punch #303 and the Circle Cutter.

~ Make a Wish ~

Mkwish (661x900)
 For the border I used Punch #909 with Insert A. I also scattered the pieces from my border strip across the card mingled with gems as confetti.

To Make the Stars:

Stars (700x699)


Kreaxions Circle Cutter and Punch #303



Step 1: Cut a 3 inch circle.

Step 2: Using a protractor mark 5 sections at 72 degrees each.

Step 3: Use Punch #303 on each line.


Check my blog Scrappin' Chaos for a list of supplies.

Scrap On!


5 thoughts on “Thrilling Thursday:Make a Wish

  1. Joan

    The stars are beautiful!! Great card!

  2. GinniG

    Oh how FUN! I may have to go find a protractor just so I can make some of these! LOL! LOVE your card and such simple instructions!

  3. Colleen

    I agree with Ginni, going to have to get a protractor. Thanks for the tutorial, love the end result.

  4. Joan

    Lovin the stars!

  5. Bev Code

    fabulous and super tutorial

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