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Thrilling Thursday

Just Imagine has a brand new fan die and I think you are going to just LOVE it!!! It's super easy to use and you can place the die exactly where you want it on the paper to highlight specific designs. Here's my first try at the fan die:

Fan (676x800)
2 pieces cardstock or patterned paper in contrasting colors
10 inches 1/2 inch ribbon for joining ribs
3/16 inch eyelet
decorative brad
assorted ribbons and charms for decoration

Step 1
Cut 8 fan ribs using large die.
Cut 7 fan ribs from contrasting color using small die.

Fan (4) (772x1000)

Step 2
Punch tops  of small fan ribs with Kreaxions corner punch. Use insert A and center rib on middle line so that only 1/8 inch of the long slit rests on the insert.

Fan (2) (700x700)

Step 3
Adhere tip of ribbon on to the front of the first large fan rib, to the side of the long slit. Adhere one small fan rib on top of the ribbon and large fan rib.

Step 4
Adhere remaining small fan ribs onto large fan ribs, lining up holes. There will be a single large fan rib left over.

Fan (3) (700x700)Step 5
Stack all the fan ribs so that the first fan rib is on the bottom and the single large fan rib is on the top. Insert an eyelet into the hole at the tip of the fan ribs from the back. Add a decorative brad from the front to secure the tips.

Step 6
 Thread attached ribbon through back of first fan rib to the front of the single large rib.
Loop it over a second piece of ribbon and thread it back through the hole of the single large rib.  Tie second piece of ribbon into a bow.

Step 7
Spread fan along threaded ribbon until its edges barely overlap and the fan is open.
Attach threaded ribbon to the back of the single large rib, remove excess.

Step 8
Decorate fan with assorted charms and ribbons, hanging from decorative brad.

For this project I used the Just Imagine Fan Die, and Kreaxions 4-in-1 Punch #904.

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5 thoughts on “Thrilling Thursday

  1. Lisa M.

    Love the fan die and punch you used! This is awesome!

  2. karen aka soccerboyzmom


  3. GinniG

    AWESOME project Charity! Fabulous with the punch at the ends! LOVE it! 🙂

  4. Bev Code

    amazing fan.. beautiful work

  5. Joan

    This project is just amazing!

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