Punch 905

Table Runner

It’s a shame to get rid of old books.  Why not be creative and use them for craft projects.  You can find old books at library sales, rummage sales, auctions and used book stores. 
I made this table runner by taping old book pages together and then punching the edges with the Kreaxions 4 in 1 punch # 905





~ Joan ~


6 thoughts on “Table Runner

  1. Lisa M.

    Love this Joan and it’s so pretty!

  2. Wendi R

    this is sooo clever!!! LOVE it Joan

  3. Charity Hotrum

    love it Joan! I hate getting rid of my old books as well!

  4. Bev Code

    what a fabulous fun idea.. great punched edges.

  5. GinniG

    Joan, I would NEVER EVER have thought of something so easy and simple as this! OMG it’s FABULOUS!!!!! Great job with the punch!

  6. Lee-Anne Thornton

    Brilliant idea! Love your photo runner.

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