Punch 923

My Kids

I took this picture right before my we went on our family vacation last summer – turned out to be more of a house huntng trip as 5 months later we had moved to where we vacationed.

My kids - w

Here I used punch 923 with insert A to created a border punch.  I used it along the top and the bottom of the layout and backed the grey paper behind it so it shows a pop of color under the punch.


I also used the punch along the top side of the borwn paper just above the picture for even more texture and dimension.  This punch is so versitile and fits any gender – not to girly or boyish, just a great geometric shape.


Punch Used



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7 thoughts on “My Kids

  1. Karen aka soccerboyzmom

    Nice job with the layout and love the punch

  2. Jackie Plank

    This is a lovely layout and the punchwork is great!

  3. GinniG

    Fabulous layout and the punch is PERFECT for the theme and style!

  4. Lisa M.

    Love the punching on this fabulous layout!

  5. Bev Code

    super cute.. great colours.. and congrats on your first post with JI

  6. Joan

    Love the layout and the punch work!

  7. Charity Hotrum

    great stitching, and of course the punching is pristine

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