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Making a Tree

Good Morning Everyone,

Karen here to show you how to make a tree from a half circle.  I used m ycircle cutter (  to make a 5 inch circle and cut it in half so I can make 2 cards.

Circle cutter tree 001
Next I used my Scor Pal to measure and draw a straight line at 1 1/4" and I folded it so the back side is on top.  Next  step take the small top piece that is the back of your paper and make a triangle.  Last bring the front paper around. 

This is what the tree looks like.  Circle cutter tree 005

So the white paper was my top and you see the small triangle, next is the green & white polka dot, which is the back, next the white (top), and last polka dot (back).  So you have 3 folds.  I kept them down with brads, after punching a hole in the tree where I wanted the brad to go (looks like ornaments). 

This is what the card looked like and I will tell you how I assembled it:

Christmas Card

I took the Christmas Tree and centered it on embossed piece of cardstock.  I added a brown trunk and made 2 holes which I put twine in and tied a bow.  I also added a blingy star at the top with the sentiment Merry Christmas.  I mounted it on 2 seperate Christmas line papers, then put on my base.  I think this was my favorite Christmas Card made all season.  I know I could not have made the circle without the Circle Cutter, since punches are not that big.

I hope you enjoyed this card as much as I did.



7 thoughts on “Making a Tree

  1. Bev Code

    OMG that is really too cool and easy.. thanks for the tutorial

  2. Wendi R

    what a cool card!!! LOVE it!!!

  3. Lisa M.

    So cool!

  4. GinniG

    OMG Karen this looks so easy and I LOVE the tree! Isn’t that circle the BEST?! 🙂

  5. Lee-Anne Thornton

    Beautiful card! Love the Christmas tree idea!

  6. Charity Hotrum

    thanks for the tree instructions! I’ll be sure to use them.

  7. Joan

    Love this card and what a clever idea!

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