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Luau Birthday and My First Blog Post

Hi guys!  I'm Lisa and I'm super excited to be on the Just Imagine Design Team this term.  I'm from Michigan where, although we haven't had much snow this year, it's been cold and dreary and rainy and I'm ready for spring!  I made this birthday card in bright colors hoping that the weather will take the hint.  


I used Kreaxions Punch 916 to do the corners.  I love how the Kreaxions punches make it easy to line up the corners for measuring your layers.  I cut the pink layer a quarter of an inch bigger than the white on both sides and it lines up so perfectly.  I also used the Kreaxions Circle Cutter to create the circles on the side of my card.  I cut the pink floral layer at five inches and the green mat at 5.25 inches.  Definitely my new favorite circle cutter.


I also wanted to share a photo of the inside of the card to show how I used the same punch on my inner layer.  I think that extra pop of color makes the card pop.

Thanks so much for looking!  

–Lisa Bedigian

8 thoughts on “Luau Birthday and My First Blog Post

  1. Lisa Moen

    Pretty card Lisa!

  2. Jasmine

    Great card, Lisa! I hope your ‘hint’ works…I am ready for warm weather {and open windows}, as well!

  3. Lucy Chesna

    Very pretty card

  4. GinniG

    What a pretty card Lisa! Good luck with the “hint”! That’s one of my fav Kreaxions punches too! 🙂 Perfect touch for the card!

  5. Bev

    really pretty card.. and your right a punch gives that pop needed. And hint to spring is perfect if it follows your lead.

  6. Tammy

    Uber great job!! It’ a vibrant n lovely card!! yOu sure did a super job coloring the dress:) Thanks for sharing and allowing me to glean from you!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  7. hoowmellirm

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