Punch 312-

Punch 918

Let It Snow!

Now that we’re home from a wonderful vacation spent in sunny, warm FL reality is setting in.  We’re in OH and this time of year that means cold and snow.  I made a card using the Kreaxions 4 in 1 punch # 918 (one of my favorites) to make the fancy edges on the white strip of cardstock.  I used the negative punched pieces from the Kreaxions 4 in 1 punch # 312 to make the corner accents and the snowflakes.  So  … Let It Snow!


~ Joan ~

6 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. Lee-Anne Thornton

    What a pretty card!

  2. Lisa M.

    Love the border! Awesome card!

  3. GinniG

    Your card is beautiful! Great punching!

  4. Wendi R

    gorgeous winter card!!! LOVE it!!!

  5. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    Great job Joan.

  6. Charity Hotrum

    Love everything about this card! Such lovely colors

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