Punch 907-


It’s Pumpkin Time

Colleen here with a couple of cards.  I used the oval stencil to trace the ovals to make the pumpkins.  The orange pumpkin used 3 ovals, that I roughed and inked the edges.  I then stamped on it, added some vines and a stem.  The background was made using an embossing folder and Punch 907 along the top.


Orange Pumpkin


The 2nd card was made using 7 ovals and an orange background.  I used different embossing folders for each part of the pumpkin.  I love having such versatile tools.



4 thoughts on “It’s Pumpkin Time

  1. GinniG

    What clever uses of the oval template!!!!

  2. Joan B.

    Love these cards … what a clever idea!

  3. Louise

    these are great, very clever to use ovals

  4. Charity

    clever use of embossed paper!

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