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How to Make A Fantastic Card with Luxurious Feathers

Charity here from Scrappin’ Chaos with directions on how to make a fantastic card with luxurious feathers.
Painted feathers, layered over black then foil paper, is enhanced by using Kreaxions #906 all around the edge.
A simple color scheme with well placed bling makes this card shine!
~ Let The Magic Begin ~

Punch #906 has a truly versatile design. The outer edge is rounded while the
inner design appears to be scalloped points, feather shafts, or even bats!!!

To begin I die cut feathers from purple paper then detailed them with paint.
I also painted the leaves and shaped the rose. The silver card base is a 5×7.
The black mat is cut to 5×5.5 inches and punched with Kreaxions #906.
The corners are punched using Insert C and the sides using Insert A.
The sentiment banner is 4×3/4 inches. Each end is punched with #906.

Check my blog Scrappin’ Chaos for a list of supplies.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make A Fantastic Card with Luxurious Feathers

  1. Joan B.

    Great card and love the feathers … what a good idea!

  2. Charity Hotrum

    Thanks, Joan!

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