Punch 305

Hi There Kreaxion's Fans,

Jenifer Here today, with 2 projects I want to share with you using my favorite Kreaxion's Punch #305!!!

As you guys are probably realizing, I absolutely cannot get enough of this punch, It is honestly becoming a staple in my crafting!!!! And oddly enough I love the negative pieces as much as I love the punch, they are every bit as beautiful and work wonderfully on my projects!!!



For this page, I used the negative pieces from the punch that I mentioned above. Thes are the pieces that are punched out and meant for the trash. But I can't bring myself to throw them away, they are so delicate and add such an element to my ctreations I actually save them in a bowl on my desk every time I use this punch.

Look what character it brings to the outer edges of my page, the page was very simple withouit it and Kreaxion Punch #305 gave my page such interest!


Again here I've done the same thing with Punch #305, but this time I created a blue border with them!!


Lastly but not least, I also used Kreaxion's Punch #305 below this picture, I just love the intricate details it brings and the delicate nature of the punch.


For more details and close up's using Kreaxion's Punch #305 please visit my blog



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