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Double pages and the perfect Scalloped border

Project 12 Dec

Hi it's Bev here.. I have been enjoying doing Project 12 using Lisa's sketches all 2013 year.. and here is my last page to last year December page. When doing double pages it is a great thing to put borders to connect the 2 pages. This collection had lots of fun borders with great prints but I was looking for something to give it a bit more punch? So taking the fun orangey red dot paper I used the Kreaxions Circle Cutter and made the scalloped border right across the bottom. Sets the base of the double perfectly.

Here is the link to instructions to making scalloped borders…—kreaxions-punches/2011/03/tweet-tweet.html

Circle cutter1

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6 thoughts on “Double pages and the perfect Scalloped border

  1. Lisa M.

    Love the colors and scalloped border on this pretty project 12 page!

  2. Jackie Plank

    Love this double layout, the circle and the border sure do serve to bring the two pages together.

  3. GinniG

    The scallop border is the perfect connection between the two pages! 🙂 LOVE the layout and the double pages!

  4. karen aka soccerboyzmom

    Love making those borders. Great job Bev.

  5. Charity Hotrum

    Scalloped borders are such a great design element and your example is just right.

  6. Joan

    Great two pager and the scalloped border is perfect!

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