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Circle Cutter Hits the Bullseye

Congrats Circles by Jess Moyer

The circle cutter has so many great everyday uses but if you're looking for a special project made for the circle cutter may I suggest a bullseye effect.  Simple layer circles together with alternating patterns. Then put a bit of bling or a brad in the center to set it off. Have a happy Friday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Circle Cutter Hits the Bullseye

  1. GinniG

    Oh how FUN!!!!! Love the colors you used! And this effect could be used for ANY occasion! Add a couple of punches to those circles and it would have a totally different feel! OH the possibilities!!!!! GREAT CARD!!!

  2. Bev Code

    OMG this is just fabulous and fun. Great use of circles and the design is amazing.. really cute fun card.. love it

  3. Barbara Bruder

    What a great card!! Love it!

  4. Linda Beeson

    That is perfect! I just love using my circle cutter!

  5. stephanie

    THis is definitely fun.

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