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Hi everyone and it is the first Monday of November almost turkey time…  I can't wait my dad makes the absolute best stuffing ever!!  For my post today I made a card using Kreaxion 305 punch.  What everyone needs to remember is that these punches do so much more than make simple borders!
Step 1. You take your and mark the lines as shown – then you take your Kreaxion circle cutter and cut a circle out of the center

 Step 2.  Then you take your punch and punch along the edge where the lines are

Step 3.   You end up with this center doily piece – now what you can also do is cut another cirlce around the edge – I left it

Step 4.   I then used the corner piece to punch corners on my paper – as shown

and this is my finished cad – GORGEOUS right!  like I said these punches do so much more than make simply easy borders! 
I used some really thick foam tape so the top sheet pops off the page – gave it a really cool effect 
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!

5 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Lisa M.

    Love your punch work, Monica! Gorgeous card!

  2. Charity Hotrum

    Love your quick explanation of how to use the circle stencil

  3. Wendi R

    stunning card!!!! great tutorial!!!

  4. GinniG

    OMG Monica this card totally ROCKS!!!! Love the instructions, LOVE the punch and love the colors!

  5. Joan

    Wow! What a elegant card!

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