April Fools

Do you like to play April Fool's jokes on people? I do, as long as they are simple and not malicious. 

Just as we are approaching the season of April showers, my husband lost his umbrella. He commutes on a train, so he needs a small one that fits in his bag. I happened to see one on a good sale, so I got it for him. Rather than just hand it to him, I thought I would have a little fun in honor of April Fool's Day.


I made the April Fools tags using the crown punch and punch 902, the cheers tag used punch 309 for the top flower and punch 306 for the pair of flowers along the bottom. I put different shades of paper behind each hole to give the cut-outs their color. 

I put the April Fool's tag on the umbrella.

April fools

and then I put the umbrella in a wine bag

Wine bag

so he will think he is getting a bottle of wine, and the April Fools joke is the umbrella. Hopefully he'll think it's funny. 

4 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. Ange

    He might be upset that it’s not wine but at least he won’t whine about the rain. lol Cute tags!

  2. GinniG

    What a clever idea Louise! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

  3. Joan B.

    Great idea and the tags are great!

  4. Charity Hotrum

    I love harmless jokes like this one!
    Hope it turned out just right.

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