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Today my post is one that I actually previously shared, but I want to re-post it because the holidays are coming and Christmas is right around the corner.  It can be so hard to find just the right colored bow sometimes and how great is it to be able to make your own right?  Well with the Kreaxion star stencil you can do just that!
  Supplies you will need:

Ribbon and heavy duty stapler or stick pin
Step 1: Trace you the star template onto a thicker cardstock – for durability
Step 2: Cut a circle through the center by lining up the circle cutter make the circle 1.5 inches as shown below by using positioning the pencil tip in the hole on the star template
This is what it will look like and also number the template as shown this is the pattern you will follow for weaving the ribbon
 You will weave under then through positioning the ribbon on the number 8
 looks like this 
 Step 3: start winding the ribbon around the pointed tip following the numbers 1-8

 When completely done it will look like this – you will repeat these steps 4 times

 Turn it over and what else do you see! A flower you can use this by just placing a center and get another flower – you will leave the ribbon wrapped on the cardstock to keep its shape – Beautiful huh?!! 
 Step 4: Either staple or use stick pins through the center – this is what keeps the ribbon from unwinding – I would staple but could not find my heave duty stapler so I substituted the stick pins
 Step 5: Start popping the ribbon off the corners
 Ends up like this
 Step 6: Now start pulling the ribbon layers apart

 and WALLA absolutely gorgeous bow for a present – leave it on the cardstock and get a flower

Thanks for stopping by and we would love to see the bows you create with the Kreaxion accessories on our Facebook page!

6 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. GinniG

    OMG this is FABULOUS!!! I DEFINITELY have to try this! TFS!!!

  2. Lisa M.

    Love this!

  3. Joan

    Love this and what a GREAT idea!

  4. Wendi R

    oh wow that is gorgeous!!!!

  5. Barbara Bruder

    This is fabulous. I will be trying this over the weekend. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  6. Charity Hotrum

    excellent repost, girly! thanks for sharing again!

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