Circle Cutter-

Punch 906

A little wreath

Colleen with an idea from something I saw on Pinterest, I just made changes to make it my own. I first used the circle cutter to cut my backing for the wreath and then took some old magaiznes that I had.  Using Punch 906 with Insert A I starting punching the pages.  I then folded the pages back and forth and hot glued them onto the cardstock wreath (hot glue works faster, just watch those fingers).  I just kept going until I had the whole wreath covered. I added ribbon to the back so the wreath can be hung and then made some flowers for the finishing touch.



6 thoughts on “A little wreath

  1. Chris Pozzi

    I love how this turned out!!!!!!

  2. Joan

    Great wreath – great punching!! Love it!!!

  3. Louise

    very pretty and creative!

  4. Ange

    Very pretty!

  5. GinniG

    AWESOME Colleen!!!

  6. Joan B.

    This project is just stunning!

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